October 11, 2023 Community Workshop with Molly Mitchell-Hardt

Guest Speaker: Molly Mitchell-Hardt

Molly is a depth and somatic psychotherapist, sacred motherhood torch bearer, yoga teacher, group/workshop facilitator and ritualist.

A huge thank you to Molly, for sharing her time and knowledge with us today. I hope everyone has a bit more awareness of their bodies this afternoon and can try out the tools that resonated with you!

Orienting (don’t forget to look behind you!)

Voo (the whole exhale)

Gentle movement and holding oneself (hug yourself with one hand under an armpit and the other on the opposite shoulder; one palm to the forehead and hold/support the back of the neck with the other)

Voo plus Rawr (oscillate between these two for the whole exhale)


And if you’d like to get in contact with or follow Molly, please use these links to do so:




And if anyone is interested in contacting her for one on one work they can reach out via this email mollymitchellhardt@gmail.com or text her at 978-505-8220.


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