3 Online Communities for Personal Growth

If you're looking for support with dropping unwanted habits, advancing on your personal dreams, or leveling up your career, guess what? There's a group out there waiting for you. When you link up with folks who share similar desires, and you share your own stories and lessons, you can soak in fresh ideas, see things from new angles, and keep yourself in check to smash those goals.

We've rounded up a few for you to explore!

1. Harvest Goal Collective

We couldn’t start without name-dropping our own community developed by women for women. Join dozens of gals who are just as ambitious as you are, to get real on zoom about work, money, and life. Whether you’re looking for a new co-founder, mentor, or a friend to support you along the way, Harvest is just the place to connect. In addition to every-other-week accountability groups, we have monthly networking events and community calls with our Founders, Talia and Stephanie, providing you with exclusive educational resources and hot discussion topics.

2. Men's Group

With a mission to create community and conversations where guys can share what’s really happening in their lives, MensGroup facilitates virtual support groups for men who are dealing with literally anything in life. Send your man here for a community!

3. Reddit's The Girl Survival Guide

Consider this your go-to url to ask for tips on all of life’s little quandries. According to the subreddit’s welcome page, users are encouraged to view discussions and threads as a “survival guide of ‘life pro-tips.’” If you’ve ever wanted to ask about a particular beauty product or learn some clothing hacks or just get some advice on how to deal with really bad cramps, there’s a community of redditors ready with advice.


Picking a well-aligned online community is a big deal if you want to experience true personal growth within a group of likeminded folks. So, here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Look for communities that match your interests and goals, first and foremost. For example, if you're into personal development, check out groups all about self-improvement. Fitness, accountability, professional interests - there's a community out there for everyone.

  2. Think about how big the community is. Bigger ones usually have tons of resources and different viewpoints, but smaller ones can easily feel more supportive.

  3. Make sure the community's rules and vibes line up with your own values and beliefs.

  4. Get in there and see how people in the community interact. If you feel comfortable and welcomed, it's probably the right spot for you.

Diving headfirst into these online growth and self-improvement groups also means you're on the hook to yourself (ie, accountable) which will help you stay on track no matter what your goals may be. Best of luck!

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