Five Surprisingly Easy Ways to Accomplish Any Goal

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Use These 5 Shortcuts To Help Get It Done

Goals (especially small, mundane, boring tasks) can start to pile up on our to-do lists. And virtually everyone has these growing to-do lists (cascading sticky-note stacks, anyone?).

But if your list is growing and not ever shrinking, it becomes much harder to start crossing things off … mostly because the stress and worry about the long list itself can prevent you from making any real progress.

So here’s what to do:

Check out our list of “goal shortcuts” below and try to implement one today. Even doing just one could lift the burden and help shrink your list a little faster. 

1. Pick the easiest item on the list and do it right now.

What we're looking for here is momentum. We all know how uplifting it is to actually cross something off the list. So do it - pick the very easiest thing to do right now, where you are, and without thinking if you should do it or not, just go do it. Cross it off. Now it's done.

2. Pick an item on the list that you need someone else's help to accomplish, and call/text/email that person for help. 

Chances are pretty good that you actually need something from them before or while you're trying to do your task. So call them, get the ball rolling and work on it together. We're better together, yes we are.

3. Pick a hard or big item on the list and break it down.

Make a separate list for that item that includes 4-8 smaller steps. Then pick the very first step and do that immediately. Cross it off, done.

4. Ignore the list right now.

Literally put the list out of your line of vision and walk away from it. Give yourself 15 minutes of not thinking at all about it, and instead take a deep breath and as you exhale, tell yourself one thing that you are really proud of yourself for. Did you go to therapy this week? Did you eat a balanced meal? Did you make someone laugh? Do not forget to give yourself a pat on the back for doing the important things that aren't on any lists.

5. Join an accountability group.

We've said it before and it's worth repeating: we're better together. Let the accountability group process take you on a ride to self-discovery and ultimately, goal-busting motivation. 

Stephanie Exner is co-founder and facilitator at Harvest Goal Collective, whose mission is to hold space for women to take accountability of personal and professional goals in a supportive group setting.

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