Say Goodbye to Never Ending To-Do Lists

Certain tasks are just never going to get fully done - you’re going to wash the same dishes and clothes regularly until the day you (or they) die. And nuisances like taxes and loan applications pop-up, and if you want to improve your life... you have job and educational applications, exams and applicable deadlines. Daily, you might write yourself a new sticky-note list as you cross-off, edit and re-prioritize. Don't forget to plan your kid's 10th bday party, ship that package to your sister, and clean out the garage.

And chances are good that if you’re reading this, you have the know-how and ability to get a lot of these items checked-off without much trouble at all. 

But what if your list is feeling eerily daunting lately? What if 2 or 3 or 7 items never get checked off? If you’re anything like me, those pesky (and seemingly very doable) tasks will creep into your brain right before bed, or even wake you up at night! I’ll spare you the sleep research because we all know how important it is to our physical and mental health… and just make my point: if you are experiencing stress about your to-do list or it’s preventing precious minutes of sleep, read on and consider joining an Accountability Group.

Some benefits of an Accountability Group: 

Self-Directed Goal Achievement
-The group is what we make of it. Just showing up is a win. Being held accountable by a group of like-minded women (including ourselves) is a bonus.

Improved overall performance
-When we know we are being held accountable, we work harder.

Receive honest feedback
-The facilitator is committed to giving supportive, honest feedback.

Stay on track towards a goal
-Regular meetings help keep our productivity high with less distraction.

Create deadlines
-The facilitator guides the setting of fixed (and public) deadlines.

Stay grounded
-The group helps us stay mindful and in the present.

Keep problems in perspective
-Small problems can turn into big issues without a second, third and fourth set of eyes.

Learn from others’ successes and mistakes
-Identify challenges in our businesses that we may not have thought about alone.

Want to experience a live Accountability Group for yourself? Join us at our first Harvest LIVE March 29th, 2023. Registration required. Click here for more information.

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