Hear the Story of Harvest Members and Founders of Chronic Wellness Women, Danielle Waterman and Courtney Fryer

Premium Memberships

All Memberships include a reserved seat in an Accountability Group every two weeks.

In your group, you'll work with the other members and a facilitator on goals like expanding or launching a business, finishing a degree, finding and maintaining work/life balance, cleaning the garage, developing discipline in self-care and health and fitness goals and much more!

All membership seats are reserved in sets of 4 bi-weekly meetings (every other week for 8 weeks).

All new members do a 15-minute screening call before joining a group.

Your accountability group will meet every other week at the same time on Zoom. By booking, you confirm your commitment to those sessions.

All memberships include a series of 4 Group Accountability meetings (held once every other week for 8 weeks). The Basic Membership is where we started and is an amazing space to work on building self-discipline, communication of achievement of goals, and community engagement! The next membership levels aim to accelerate client's goal achievement and project completion by creating opportunities for personalized consulting services.

Join as a Premium Member

Premium membership levels are customized business and/or personal GOAL ACCELERATOR EXPERIENCES. 

After an initial meeting with Talia and Steph, we create a customized consulting staff for you, and coordinate an intense 8-week schedule to crush your goals. Most of our consultants are current Harvest members, so we know how serious they take their businesses, and how well they work with our team.

Here's a break down of what each membership level includes:

PLANT membership

  • Every-other-week 60 minute virtual Group Accountability Meetings
  • Personalized Goal Notes Emailed to You
  • 1 Private 30 min Session with a Facilitator
  • Regular Networking Events and Presenting Options
  • Members Only Specialty Meetings and Events
  • Inclusion in the Member Directory


GROW membership

Includes the Plant Membership and…

  • Weekly 30-min virtual meeting with a Harvest consultant (choose a different one each week)
  • Access to our library of business resources
  • WhatsApp Chat “Office Hour” with Consultant Team (1 hr per week)

THRIVE membership

Includes the Plant Membership and…

  • Weekly 1-hr virtual meeting with a Harvest consultant (choose the same or different consultants each week)
  • Access to our library of business resources
  • WhatsApp Chat “Office Hour” with Consultant Team (1 hr per week)

HARVEST membership

Includes the Plant Membership and…

  • 1-hr weekly virtual meeting with a customized consulting team of 2-3; your own staff
  • Access to our library of business resources
  • WhatsApp Chat “Office Hour” with Consultant Team (1 hr per week)
  • 2 hrs Research and Legwork by our team on your priority projects


Our Consultants are experts in: Health and Wellness, Sales, Marketing, Business Admin, HR, Social Media Strategy, Website Design, Financial Planning, Bookkeeping, AI, Personal & Professional Styling and more.

Have more questions about this? Email us at info@harvestgoalcollective.com.

--> Membership group seats can only be booked in a series of at least four, and can only be purchased by subscription. While there are no refunds for missed sessions, you may cancel your subscription at any time. Our groups are subscription-based because we believe consistency and accountability go hand-in-hand for goal achievement. This is why we don't allow drop-in sessions for groups!

--> If you need to miss a session, you agree to let us know in advance.

If you would like to book fewer than four sessions or need a more fluid schedule - please check out our private sessions here.

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