Hear the Story of Harvest Members and Founders of Chronic Wellness Women, Danielle Waterman and Courtney Fryer

“Harvest is community, support, connection…”

"When I first signed up for Harvest, I wasn't sure that it was going to have much of an impact on me, but I've found that it really helps to have the accountability. I love that the facilitators are able to listen to what I say and drill down in order to help clarify what the goals are, and if they are large goals, help break the overarching goal down into smaller goals so that I can see accomplishments as I work towards something bigger."



"As an entrepreneur, I can't tell you how helpful Harvest has been in keeping me motivated, inspired and on-target. The group doesn't just listen to my "to-do" list- they provide TONS of feedback and ideas in areas where I feel stuck, need advise, or am lacking clarity. The meetings aren't surface level- I love that the facilitators really dig in to understand what I am working on and aren't afraid to make recommendations or suggestions. They create connections and opportunities for marketing and networking both within and outside of the group and really are invested in helping me with my business & personal goals. There is zero judgement at Harvest, just total female empowerment and loving, supportive vibes."

"I didn’t realize I needed the Harvest group until I gave it a try. Now I don’t know how I would manage without it. It’s an accountability group at it’s core, but it’s so much more. Harvest is community, support, connection, focus, intention, passion and inspiration."

"Since I joined Harvest a few months ago, my self-motivation grew. The group is here to encourage and support us to meet daily goals and challenges. Being a Harvest member is a self-uplifting process that drives our spirit to achieve goals, become successful, grow in our daily life and become a better self. Harvest works wonders. It has accelerated my work success and my well-being. Thank you Talia and Stephanie."

"Harvest is a beautiful collection of women supporting each other. A lovely container and a no shame zone. We focus forward on what works and support one another and delight in others successes."

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