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September 13 Community Call

Wednesday 10/11/23
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Guest Speaker: Molly Mitchell-Hardt Field
Molly Mitchell-Hardt Field is a depth and somatic psychotherapist, sacred motherhood torch bearer, yoga teacher, group/workshop facilitator and ritualist. She works one on one, in groups, and couples in her private psychotherapy practice and facilitates workshops aimed at teaching self-regulation tools and inviting participants into a more attuned relationship with their psyche and soma. 
During this community call, Molly will start with some education on the nervous system, the vagus nerve, and the value of nervous system regulation. Then we will all go around and share from a somatic, "felt sense" lens what we are currently experiencing in the body. After that we will learn some somatic experiencing techniques to shift our nervous system state and check in again at the end of the call through the language of the felt sense.

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