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Harvest Goal Collective

Complimentary Goal-Setting Session

Complimentary Goal-Setting Session

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Thank you for taking the time to explore being a part of our accountability group process. Let’s chat and answer any questions you have! Experience what an accountability session is like & learn the Harvest goal-setting way :)

In order for our groups to be effective, a safe environment must be in place. Members are free to discuss any personal or professional goals. Therefore, there are expectations that will be set and these guidelines will add to the success of the group. 

Our 15-minute goal-setting session (via Zoom) will cover these guidelines and make sure that you are able to commit to them. We'll also help you reserve your space in a group that fits best with your schedule.

All group membership seats are reserved in sets of 2 on a subscription basis.

About our Groups

Each group is made of up to five women, with a facilitator, who share their goals and support each other in reaching them. The group meets regularly every other week.

All goals accepted, personal and professional and anything else!

The facilitator begins each meeting and moves the group through the regular format on time. As these are support groups focusing on goal achievement, they are not spaces for socializing nor are they platforms for other discussion topics.

Confidentiality is important for group effectiveness. In order for all members to feel safe in sharing their goals and experiences, members make a commitment not to discuss what another members has said or their identity, with anyone outside of group.

We hope you join us!

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